because I am the worst at impulse control. Sigh.

ANYWAY, I just ordered tea from Lupicia, a Japanese tea shop with US stores in Hawaii and California. I only meant to look up the URL for someone, but they were having a Strawberry Wonderland special, and I couldn’t resist that cute packaging. Too bad all the tins were sold out already! :(

I ordered the flavored Orzo teas, a melon oolong (MELON MELON MELON *o*), and some strawberry vanilla, and since I missed out on the strawberry tin, I got the collector’s edition of the Momoko tea, a peach and vanilla flavored green tea.

Speaking of tea! In February I ordered some samples of non-decaf teas from Harney and Sons, which I finally started trying! Monday I brewed up some Formosa Oolong. I’d never had an oolong tea before, and it was fantastic. It is seriously the most delicious tea I’ve ever had in my life. It had a mild, almost fruity taste, not one hint of bitterness. And the caffeine didn’t get me the way it usually does. I was ultra tired that day but it didn’t make me anxious or jittery, so that’s a huge plus.

Then on Friday I tried the Lung Ching and I am sorry to say I didn’t like that one at all. It smelled very nice when I opened the package, but the addition of hot water gave off an unpleasant grassy aroma, and the taste was…not good. And apparently it is caffeinated like whoa, because I spent pretty much the whole day feeling slightly shaky and anxious. Obviously I’ll require a bit more tolerance building in the caffeine area.

I also tried the Lapsang Souchong soon after I received my order and had much the same reaction; smelled amazing in the package, added water and it became unbearable. Disappointing. I was most looking forward to trying that one too.

I plan to try them both again though. I did the Lung Ching at 180 degrees, and that might have been too hot, so I’m going to do it at 170 next time.

In other news, I went to a renaissance festival with my friends yesterday. Spent an outrageous amount of money (hey, my income tax refund is coming in soon, I’m allowed to treat myself is what I keep saying to assuage my guilt. Got some lovely scarves/shawls:

Colorful scarves and shawls from the renaissance festival

I have absolutely no place to wear such things but I still buy them because I can’t help myself.

and these hand-thrown bowls:

One purple and one green bowl, handthrown, with nice little handles.

I have always coveted the handmade pottery. Finally gave in and bought some!

And on the writing/arting front: nada. Sorry, guys, it was a crazy week. I did play around a little with my dip pens.

Scribbly scribbly scribbly!

This is as close as I got to drawing after Thursday night.

I did the sketch from my last post with a dip pen just to try it out–I usually use Pigma Microns–and I was surprised by how much better I liked the linework that way. It might have been the paper, a smooth bristol, and the fact that I wasn’t holding the dip pen in a death grip the way I usually do the Microns. I tested all my nibs on the bristol Friday night, and then I thought I’d see how they performed on watercolor paper. The answer is: not quite as good as bristol, since the sharper-pointed ones tended to collect fibers from the paper on their tips. The bowl and globe nibs did fine though. I’m going to try them with my next comic.