Set phasers to maximum sparkle!

It’s no secret the beginning of 2015 sucked for me. I started off the year dead broke and stayed that way for months; we were shorthanded at work again; and my dumb health problems decided to take an extended stay and frick up my life for a couple months. Then I got a letter from the IRS…

Pashte Sobs

Self Portrait of the Artist as a Crybaby

HOWEVER! In April, things started looking up! I know, crazy, right? Turns out the income tax error, once corrected, gave me a bigger refund! And then I sold a customer a $1000 winning scratch off ticket and he gave me a huge tip after cashing it in! And! My depression is taking a holiday or something, so I’ve been a bit more productive! I’ve mostly been painting lately, a little writing on my side-project novel, and I made a couple of journal comics, which you probably already noticed. ;p

My life has been pretty blessed lately. Rest assured I intend to take full advantage of this while it lasts.

Uh, guys...

Like bad pennies, these guys.

A good friend of me and my sister very sweetly sent us a box of fine chocolates, and it was such a nice thing, because we’ve both been going through some stuff. I thought that the best way to commemorate the gesture would be to blog about it. So thank you, Kit-kat! We were very happy about your gift!

The chocolate was from Vosges.

stop drooling on my blog

Thank you, Kit-kat!

The set contained five flavors of their mini-bars. We tried the Sri Lankan Coconut and Curry first, because I won’t expecting to like it—I had a curry chocolate bar before and it was pretty awful—but this one was good, just a hint of spiciness balanced out nicely by the incredibly creamy milk chocolate and coconut flavor. The we tried Mo’s Milk Bar, with bacon and salt, and…it was a thing I guess? Like, the bacon doesn’t do anything for the chocolate. There was literally no reason to eat it aside from the novelty of bacon chocolate. Which is not good.

At all.

Anyway! Next was the Barcelona Bar! Smoked almonds and grey sea salt! It was really good! Even though I hated the bacon bar, this was actually very nice. Then we tried the Red Fire Bar, with ancho and chipotle chillies and ceylon cinnamon. This was the only dark chocolate bar in the set, but the chocolate was really nice and smooth, and it had just a hint of heat. Very nice.

Last was the ringer, Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee Bar, and it was the best toffee chocolate I’ve ever eaten, (beating out my previous fav in this flavor, the Lindt Passions Sea Salt and Caramel). It had walnuts and pecans, which added a depth to the sweetness of the toffee bits.

Then we tried the Chocolate Caramel Covered Marshmallows. These weren’t as good—the quality of the chocolate was good and the caramel was amazing, but the marshmallows were dense and basically flavorless obstacles. Oh well.

The box also came with some truffles, and I have to say they were some of the smoothest, best quality truffles I’ve ever eaten. So thanks again, Kit-kat! <3

This is what I spent my giant tip on, btw:

Woo, shiny!

Woo, shiny!

It’s mostly paper. Some 4×6 watercolor blocks in a new brand I’ve been seeing around for a while now, Strathmore’s Precut Packs in 5×7 (which are an awesome and great idea, why don’t all the paper manufacturers do this kind of thing?), some blank greeting cards (I’ve already used a couple of these :3), a bunch of fancy metallic gel pens (Gelly Roll brand by Sakura, they are great, especially the Stardust pen) and a few tubes of my watercolor paint (Ivory Black, Ultramarine Violet and Tiziano Red). The paint came with set of free brushes, woo! I also got a Copic SP Multiliner, which is similar to the Pigma Microns I use but is refillable and has a replaceable tip. It’s pretty nice! I also got a white pearl watercolor pan, which is fun to play around with. It’s semi-opaque, so you can get nice shimmery pastel effects if you layer it over watercolors.

Not pictured: ten sheets of Strathmore Aquarius, which is the paper I use for my comics (which does not come in spiral pads anymore, boo), and four sheets of their new mixed media paper so I can try it.