About the Comic
Pashte Writes is a semi-autobiographical comic about the things that keep me from writing. These include depression, anxiety, A.D.D. and a fickle muse, to say nothing of an exhausting full time job in customer service and the fact the the very universe seems to hate me. Since this is a semi autobiographical telling, I have taken the liberty of anthropomorphizing these various aspects as cute little cats. Why cats? Because they’re cute! I have taken several other liberties with reality, but all the comics are based on real incidents and issues I’ve had while attempting to become a publishable author.

About the Author
I am J.M. Cowan, a lazy, nerdy bookworm who likes to make up stories. I love cats and I hate housework.

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Updates happen as I find the time! If you aren’t inclined to check the page every day, you can follow via Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal, and RSS. She can be reached by email at pashte at pashte-writes dot com. Her official website resides at J.M. Cowan.net