Finally finished it! Please be kind, for you are watching the progression of my skills from the very beginning! This is meant as a learning exercise.

I feel I have already learned a great deal. Like, don’t forget to adjust the contrasts and levels before cutting the image size. And don’t use watercolor pencils on detail areas that will need a color wash over them, because they make it look muddy. And fix any crookedness before adding text.

I forgot to put the MacBook logo on the bottom of the screen. Oops. That thing on top is a piece of paper I taped over the webcam, because it is creepy. Paranoia! So delicious!

I seem to have forgotten everything I ever knew about Photoshop. Eeep! But I am a bit happy with the way the watercolors turned out. There wasn’t much detail so the colored pencils don’t really make much of an impact, though. The pink borders were an impulse—the white was just way too wide and blank, but it makes me wish the blues in the webpage popped a little more. But despite all these nagging details, there is a part of my brain that is spinning around in ecstasy saying, ‘Look at me, I made a painting! Whooooooo!!!!!!!!!’ :D