True story. Except for the part where I murdered a flower to decide. No, all my plant murder is through negligence.

This one was supposed to be a quick, sketchy thing but it ended up taking me all day and part of the next to complete, because I spontaneously decided to do an inked and colored version after the sketchy one was done. I am not that pleased with the plucking panels at all. With the background colored in the paws look too disembodied.

I used my Sennelier pan watercolors for this, and it was nice to have such a large assortment of shades to work from, as opposed to the split -primary system I used for the first one; however, some of the pigments are less responsive in their pressed and extruded form. The smaller palette definitely kept me from over-mixing. My other palette is freaking huge, and my work is fairly small-scale, but I still managed to fill up every corner of the mixing space with paint. You can tell it’s been ages since I messed around with painting anything, heh~

This is the first comic done on real watercolor paper. I used Aquarius on the first one, and it doesn’t have much texture, which is good for inking, but the lack of texture made it harder to control where the color was going. Working on the cold press made that less of a problem, but the inking was difficult, and makes my already shaky handwriting even worse. The most annoying part of dealing with it was the crappy scanner I have. It wreaked havoc on the colors because of the paper’s texture. I had to tweak the image in Photoshop for half an hour before it looked halfway decent. It’s still way too pale, and the paper color is so very off. I really had no idea what I was doing. I need to look up some tutorials or something.