I drew the kitty face on the front, obviously

Sketchbook actual size: 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches

I drew this little sketch to test out my new Croquis Sketchbook, and the Pilot Coleto 5 Multi-pen I ordered from Jetpens.com.

The sketchbook is the perfect size. The only downside is the paper in this version is a bit thin, about the same weight and texture as cheap printer paper. However, it worked very well for the sketch and erased very cleanly, and the ink from the gel pens and the Triplus fineliners I used for ADD’s spots did not bleed through. There are two other weights of paper available, and I want to try those out eventually as well. They aren’t too expensive, about $5.

The multi-pen worked very well for the comic too. It’s a gel pen, so the ink isn’t waterproof, but it did not smudge under the eraser. You can customize this model of pen, and I put black gel pens in .3 and .5 millimeters, mechanical pencils in .3 and .5, and an eraser that measures about 2 millimeters across. The eraser is surprisingly good! I’m addicted to these multi-pens!

I’ve been working on an old fan comic idea for a while, writing up an outline, but it stalled out because I got to the meat of the plot and realized I had no idea what was going to actually happen. But it was complicated, and I kept getting distracted and frustrated, so it took me over a month to sit down and write up a chart to get all the stuff down. Here’s a small preview! So complicated!

Finally finished it today! Took me almost two hours but I got it done. -_-

Finally finished it today! Took me almost two hours. -_-