So I bought a flowering cherry tree.

This is not the first time I’ve tried to grow one. I bought my first cherry tree back in 2012, and it was a beauty.
flowering cherry tree in full bloom
The flowers are amazing. Here’s a closeup I took.
cherry blossom
Unfortunately we had a terrible drought that year and it died. :(

I tried again the next year but due to a very bad bout of depression (and some other things) it did not get planted, and died. :( :(

I did not try to plant a cherry tree in 2014, having had a bad experience with some other fruit trees. I did plant a bunch of crape myrtles, which tend to do better in our awful Texas weather. (Those are all still alive, despite one of them getting mown down by accident.)

But I really want a cherry tree, so I finally scraped together the time, money, and energy to get another one. It’s the same variety as the first, which claims to be Kwanzan, a fairly famous variety with double blossoms. The flowers and leaves are often used to make jam and other desserts in Japan. After looking it up in Japanese Flowering Cherries, a book I bought at Half Price Books a few years ago, I think it may be another variety called Kirin, which is often mistaken for Kwanzan.

cherry tree label

At any rate, I’m pretty sure it’s mislabeled, if only because the flowers don’t look like this. *shrugs*

I was afraid I was going to have a reprise of the 2013 fiasco because I ended up working a ton of overtime in February, but it was pretty rainy, so it managed to survive from pot to ground. It was already blooming by the time I got it planted.

cherry flower buds

March 22: Tiny sakura babies! They’re so bright!

bright pink cherry buds

close up of the buds in bright sunlight

cherry flowers

This one looks a little moody with the overcast light. They’re starting to grow out of the buds!

clusters of cherry buds

March 23: Here the clusters are getting pretty well formed.

branch of cherry tree with leaves and blosoms

March 24: Planting the tree! The leaves are beginning to become more prominent.

brancj of bright pink cherry flowers

Still pretty bright pink.

just opening cherry blossoms

March 25: They’re starting to open!

just opening cherry blossoms

When the sun shines on them like this it’s easier to tell the color is starting to lighten.

fully open cherry blossom

March 26: And they’re blooming! My babies are growing up!

fully blooming cherry blossoms

Absolutely gorgeous!

cluster of cherry blossoms

March 27: The first buds are in full bloom! I like the dramatic back lighting on this one.

Cherry blossoms in various stages of bloom.

Cherry blossoms in various stages of bloom!

branch with clusters of cherry blossoms

March 28: The flowers have reached a fairly uniform pale pink.

cluster of pale pink cherry blossoms

March 29: The oldest blooms are becoming noticeably less vibrant then their younger siblings

More cherry buds

Plenty more where they came from though.

branch with clusters of cherry blossoms

March 31: Most of the flowers have opened. These are a little top heavy.

single cherry blossom petal in the grass

This was also the day the first petal fell off the tree.

I picked some of the flowers to photograph.

cherry blossom

The light in this one is so melancholy.

cherry blossom

This one seems very dramatic.

Bebe is very interested in the flower.

Bebe is very interested in the flower.

cherry blossom in a bowl of water

The shadow from the window lends this an interesting compositional abstraction, I think.

cherry blossom flaoting in a bowl

I love the subtle shadows on the bottom of the bowl.

three cherry blossoms floating in water

I went out and picked more flowers to experiment with compositions.

cherry blossoms in a bowl of water

This is the last one. I wanted more flowers but I didn’t have time to play any more.

And after March ended, the flowers began to turn from pink-white to yellow white. I was still able to enjoy them from my window. I hope next year there will be enough blossoms to make jam! Fingers are crossed!