This is what it looks like when you blow your whole book budget for the year in one day.

This is what it looks like when you blow your whole book budget for the year in one day.

(I don’t know if this will be a regular feature but I want to try to make it one!)

I’ve kinda fallen out of the habit of reading. It’s partly issues with depression and ADD, and partly time constraints, but it gets harder to concentrate on text-based stories as time goes on. I sort of miss the days when I had the time and energy to book-blog.

At the same time, I have been reading more comics. I recently subscribed to my first ever American comic series, Lumberjanes, a monthly comic co-written by Noelle Stevenson of Nimona fame. It’s about a group of girls at a summer camp in a forest apparently populated by creepy monsters. The artwork is cute and whimsical, and the storytelling style is interesting. It’s two issues in and I’m already enjoying it.

I also picked up a new webcomic: Run Freak Run. It’s a bit darker than my usual tastes. Set in the Spanish Inquisition, it marries brashly modern dialogue with a folkloric setting. The artwork makes great use of a pure black and white palette and skillful linework that is highly stylized and suits the storytelling perfectly. It is also a little NSFW in a few places, FYI.

I also started reading Alice and The Nightmare, which debuted in May. It hasn’t got into the meat of the story yet, but the artwork is cute, and it does look promising. It’s clearly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a story that really has been done half to death, but I haven’t seen this particular take before.

The bulk of my reading, however, was manga. I discovered Inu Boku SS, which is really cute, and I bought all three volumes that have been released. I like them so much I’ve read them four times through. Fourth volume comes out in July! I can’t wait!

I also happened to find the entire set of Hana-Kimi that I still needed (been sitting on the first six volumes just about forever) at a price that I couldn’t resist. Spent a couple of days binge-reading that. It didn’t have quite the ending I wanted for it, but it was still good.

And I picked up something new: Dawn of the Arcana, by Rei Toma. I am ambivalent. I’ll pick up the second volume and see if I care to continue the series.

Text-wise, I’ve been plodding through The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi. It’s good, but I just don’t have the energy to concentrate on it right now. I did manage to get through the first two books of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, but since I’ve read them before, it didn’t matter so much when I caught myself skimming bits because I got super-distracted.

I also read the first chapter of Death By Darjeeling, by Laura Childs. The writing seems…adequate…for the purposes. I shall endeavor to continue.

Finally (and amazingly) I actually finished a nonfiction book: The Normans – From Raiders to Kings by Lars Brownworth. It was a Free Fridays Nook Book. It was pretty interesting, and also made me really, really glad I was born in the 20th century. Also reminded me that I have about a hundred dead-tree format history books I still need to read. I ought to get on that. ;p