So far, 2014 has been a spectacularly unproductive year for writing. I don’t think I’ve looked at the Firecat manuscript since early February. Between the frankly insane pace we’ve been holding at work, and this crazy weather, I just do not have the energy to think about revisions. Very frustrating.

However, I have been drawing more. I found this site,, which has photos of people in various poses to use in practicing gesture drawing. You can choose what to draw (figures, faces, hands, feet, clothed, nude) and whether or not you want to be timed. I don’t have anything I care to show on the internet yet, but I feel like I do improve a little every time I use the site.

The only problem is that the poses are not very newbie-friendly. Many of the pictures are very complicated, contorted poses with dramatic lighting. I think the site could benefit from a separate gallery of basic poses for people who are new to figure drawing. Or maybe I could just use my little wooden manikin. ;p

I’ve also been developing my future-webcomic characters. Here’s Tobi.

Tobi from Space Tangerines

Why are cat people so much easier to draw?

I usually draw him smiling, but I’ve been trying to draw the faces with different expressions. He is by far the easiest of the characters to draw. Violet is pretty easy too, though this is not the best sketch of her.

Violet from Space Tangerines

I messed up her hair. :/

I’m still working on the designs for Cerise and Luka, but here are the current incarnations. (Well, the closest I can get them on paper anyway.)

Luka and Cerise from Space Tangerines

Interestingly, Luka has red hair and Cerise has dark brown hair, but the sketches are kind of reversed?

These two are the hardest to draw. Still can’t get them consistent.

There is a stunning amount of work that needs to be done before I can start this comic. Like, I still can’t draw worth a damn, for one. (And inking! Don’t get me started on inking!) I have assembled about a gigabyte of photos for reference on developing the setting. Lots of spaceships. There are also synopses to write, and scripts, and tons of supporting characters. Fortunately I still have all the notes from my attempt to write to novels set in this world, so that part of the work should go quickly. The art is the only part I’m really worried about though. That’s why it’s a future project you worrywort.

But other things! Pashte Writes is still limping along. You may notice I added some color to the ugly grayness that happened after Comicpress’ disastrous update last year. I may switch to a less work-intensive method of comic production in an effort to improve my drawing. What I mean by that is focusing on the line art and maybe switching to coloring on the computer for a while. Or not coloring at all. I mean, I still haven’t finished the character shots. It’s just a lot of trouble when you’re tired all the time and your job is eating all your extra time. (Seriously. Screw spring break. And SXSW. And the !#$%&*@ rodeo. This week has sucked.)